Senada Batik Bali Lookbook

Batik Fabric Products Lookbook

We create

At Senada Batik Bali, we create a range of batik fabric products using our own beautiful handcrafted batik fabrics, hand stamped and hand dyed, by our batik artisans, using traditional Indonesian batik making skills. Our batik products lookbook will show you a few select images of our wonderful handmade batik fabric products; batik sarongs, batik clothing, batik scarves, batik sandals, batik bags, batik accessories, and batik homewares.

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Do you love our batik fabric products? Are you in Bali? Stop by our store & showroom in the Seminyak area. Alternatively, you can visit our online shop and choose from any of our currently available handmade batik fabric products to purchase. We ship worldwide. If you are interested in making a wholesale order, please contact us, we are waiting to assist you.