Handmade Batik Fabric Resort Wear

Hand stamped and hand dyed batik fabrics

Established in 1990, Senada Batik Bali produces handmade batik fabric resort wear products.
Clothing. Sarongs. Scarves. Beach Towels. Bags. Sandals. Accessories. Homewares.

Handmade Batik Fabric Sarongs

High quality, authentic batik sarongs

Premium quality, handmade batik fabric beach sarongs, pareos.

Handmade Batik Fabric Clothing

High quality, authentic batik clothing

Elegant and stylish, high quality handmade batik fabric resort wear clothing.

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Our Products

Handmade Batik Fabric Resort Wear

About Us

Senada Batik Bali was established in 1990. We create beautiful, high quality, handmade batik fabrics, batik sarongs, and resort wear products, in a range of fresh vibrant colours and original motif designs.

Batik Fabric

Batik fabric by the metre.

Batik Sarongs

Batik beach sarongs.

Resort Wear

Batik fabric clothing.

Sewing Orders

Sewing orders received.

Introducing Our
Handmade Batik Fabrics

Each creation of our beautiful, high quality batik fabrics are handmade, hand stamped and hand dyed, by our skilled batik artisans, using authentic, traditional Indonesian wax resist art of batik making methods.

We produce a whole range of stylish batik fabric resort wear products; batik clothing, batik sarongs, batik scarves, batik beach towels, batik bags, batik sandals, batik accessories, and batik homewares.

“Our batik fabrics are handcrafted works of art.”

Customer Testimonials
Nina Blackcockatoo
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Great quality sarongs with beautiful handmade batik designs!! I love the soft fabric and the design and it is my favourite sarong for beach days!! Thanks so much!!!
Ruth Bourne
Read More
Beautiful fabrics, friendly, helpful staff without being pushy. A delightful place to visit and buy!
Justine Evans
Read More
Exquisite fabric and rich colours. Absolutely adore my purchases.
Liz Yu
Read More
Whenever I’m in Bali, I shop here for the best batik sarongs on the island.
Poppy Aitken
Read More
Wow! Amazing batik fabrics. Very friendly staff and beautiful, high quality products. So glad I found this store, I bought so many things here, and I've been telling all my friends about it.
Alana Baudinet
Read More
Incredible batik fabric clothing and sarongs. The staff are super friendly and very helpful.
Sienna Hearn
Read More
Love the sarongs here.
Heidi Lawrence
Read More
My absolutely favourite sarongs ..have been using one for over 15 years & still adore it ..of course I’ve added & gifted a few gorgeous ones along the way ..
Jesse Haenke
Read More
Great shop. Everything is so nice.
Jana Kinsey
Read More
Beautiful fabrics, great service. Patterns are higher quality and not cheap looking or cheesy like many other batik shops.
Emily Eatock
Read More
This shop is one of the nicest that we found in Bali so far. Interesting batik fabric products in so many different delightful colours and designs, very elegant, and you can see they really care about the quality. The two shop girls are so friendly and polite, they spoke excellent English and were very helpful without being pushy at all. Highly recommended.
Arne Ha
Read More
I found this shop two years ago and came back this year to buy more. Excellent quality and lot's of nice colors and patterns to choose from.
Kristin Hansen
Read More
Very nice fabrics, good selection and friendly staff. Highly recommended!
James Unterweger
Read More
One of the highest quality products in Bali.. along with friendly staff, couldn't recommend more.
Norbertus Bria
Read More
Very good 💯
Fred aus der Krachmacherstraße
Read More
Handmade batik, best quality, nice staff.
Bethany Fehon
Read More
Beautiful sarongs and clothing. Thank you.
Alexandra Wilder
Read More
I bought a kimono and matching colour sarong. The batik fabric is superb, beautiful craftsmanship and vastly superior quality than other batik fabric you see around. Thank you for my amazing purchases and fantastic service.
Christian Lemech
Read More
Amazing high quality products & friendly staff.
Sumantra I Nengah
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Brianna Duhig
Read More
Thank you so much for opening up your store specially for me during this time. Masks on, social distancing, but the shopping experience was wonderful. Beautiful batik fabric resort wear, fantastic service, I'm overjoyed.
Maddison Finn
Read More
Unparalleled quality batik clothing and sarongs. Always superb service by the shop girls.

Wholesale Orders Welcome

We accept wholesale orders for all our high quality, handmade batik fabric resort wear products; batik clothing, batik sarongs, batik scarves, batik beach towels, batik bags, batik sandals, batik accessories, batik homewares, batik fabric by the metre, and custom sewing orders.

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