The Art Of Batik

What Is The Art Of Batik

The art of batik is an ancient technique of hand-stamped or hand-drawn wax resist dyeing of fabric, and is thousands of years old. Batik making is a skill handed down through the generations by batik making artisans. At Senada Batik Bali, we cherish the rich history surrounding Indonesian batik, and work with our batik artisans in keeping this traditional Indonesian art of batik form alive.

Batik plays an important role in Indonesian daily life, its history, and its culture. The Indonesian people are proud of the recognition given by The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) in listing Indonesian art of batik as a genuine cultural heritage of Indonesia.

“Authentic batik fabric, handmade by artisans.”

Authentic Handmade Batik

All of Senada Batik Bali fabrics are handmade using authentic, traditional wax resist, hand stamped “tjap” (copper stamp) batik making methods. We ensure our batik artisans follow authentic, wax resist, art of batik fabric making techniques. Keep it authentic!

Quality Workmanship

Quality is very important to us at Senada Batik Bali. Our skilled batik making craftsmen are energetic and passionate about the art of batik, and take great care in producing a beautiful, superior quality, authentic, handmade batik fabric product.

Quality Materials

We only use high quality raw materials in all our batik fabric production; high quality ready for dye fabrics, high quality colour dyes, and high quality waxes. Our care to superior quality is reflected in the end product, beautifully handcrafted art of batik fabrics, used to create our wonderful batik fabric resort wear products.

Senada Bali Art Of Batik Brown Fabric

Batik Making

Traditional Batik Fabric Making

Our batik fabrics are handmade using traditional, authentic, Indonesian wax resist art of batik making methods; hand stamped, and hand dyed by artisans. Each creation of batik fabric, is a unique, individually handcrafted piece of fabric art. Available in several fabric types, in a range of fresh vibrant colours, and original motif designs.

Step By Step Process
Quality Batik Production