Who Are We

All About Senada Batik Bali

Senada Batik Bali was established in 1990, and since this time we have become well known for our beautiful, high quality, authentic, handmade batik fabric resort wear products. With a strong desire to preserve the traditional handmade wax resist “tjap” block stamping art of batik fabric craftsmanship, and concentrating on colour and design, we have created a more contemporary batik fabric product for today’s market.

Each handcrafted creation of our batik fabric is unique, hand stamped and hand dyed by artisans using traditional Indonesian wax resist batik making methods. Our handmade batik fabrics are then used to make a variety of beautiful, high quality batik fabric resort wear products; batik clothing, batik sarongs, batik scarves, batik beach towels, batik bags, batik sandals, batik accessories, and batik homewares.

“Our batik fabrics are handcrafted works of art.”

What We do

We create beautiful, high quality, handmade batik fabric resort wear products, in a range of fresh vibrant colours and original motif designs. Our skilled batik making artisans follow authentic art of batik fabric making techniques, handcrafted using high quality materials and workmanship.

Why We Do It

We have a passion for creating beautiful, high quality, authentic, handmade batik fabrics. We love the art of batik, and we take great pride in preserving the traditional art form of authentic Indonesian batik textiles for future generations to appreciate and enjoy.

Things We Make

Where colours and designs merge to form beautiful pieces of authentic, handcrafted batik fabric art, we create a range of unique and interesting handmade batik fabric resort wear products. Batik sarongs. Batik clothing. Batik scarves. Batik beach towels. Batik sandals. Batik bags. Batik accessories. Batik homewares.


If you wish to know more about us and our beautiful, handmade batik fabric resort wear products, please read more about us below. If you have any questions, feel free to message us, we’d be happy to answer any enquiries you may have.

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More About Senada Batik Bali

Our Story

Senada Batik Bali’s history began in the 1980’s, in what was first a cottage industry where we mainly made children’s clothing. In fact, we opened the first ever children’s clothing shop in Bali, named “Main Main”. This allowed us to explore our creativity with colour and design in a playful way, coming up with fun, interesting, and exciting creations.

The traditional Indonesian art of batik had always interested us, and using batik fabrics with our clothing was a natural choice. With our growing desire for complete control of both quality and design, we employed a team of skilled batik fabric making artisans and opened our own batik fabric workshop, and in 1990, we established Senada Bali store in Seminyak.

Our Vision

Our commitment to quality is paramount, and we pride ourselves on producing high quality, authentic, handcrafted batik fabric products. We work to help keep the amazing and beautiful traditional art of batik making skills alive, and encourage our batik artisans to pass their craft onto the next generation so we can enjoy this elegant art form into the future.

All of our batik fabrics are handmade by skilled batik making artisans who take great care in producing beautiful, superior quality, authentic, handcrafted batik fabrics. We have a strict policy of only using the best quality fabrics, colour dyes, and waxes available, and the results are beautifully finished, high quality, authentic, handmade batik fabric products.

Our Mission

We are a family owned and operated business that advocates the principles of fair trade, and we are committed to creating high quality, long lasting, handmade batik fabric products that are ethically produced. Guided by socially conscious practices, we are constantly taking steps to improve on our brand awareness so we can be as sustainable as possible.

We partner with local batik artisans, tailors and seamstresses, with a goal of building long term growth opportunities. Many of our most talented seamstresses are stay-at-home mother’s that we empower by encouraging them to set their own flexible work at home schedules. We provide a fair living wage, and a safe, friendly work environment for all our workers.