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We love colours & designs

Our handmade batik fabric product collection comes in a variety of many different colours and designs. We love the way our emotions can be effected in a positive way when we see colours and designs that we like. Colours and designs can effect the way we feel, and change our emotional state of mind. Pleasant visual experiences are healthy for the body and the mind, and can bring feelings of positive emotions, calmness, happiness, and joy. At Senada Batik Bali, we love working with colours and designs.

Want to see more of our handmade batik fabric products, please visit our lookbook page. To purchase our beautiful, colourful, handmade batik fabric products, go to our shop page, or while you are in Bali, we invite you to stop by our store & showroom. For more information about our batik fabric products, please contact us.

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