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We are relocating our business!

Update 1 – Our new location land plot…
Update 2 – Building permit delays…
Update 3 – Building permit approved…
Update 4 – Building work has began…
Update 5 – Second floor sunset view…
Update 6 – Second floor preparation…
Update 7 – First floor taking shape…
Update 8 – Window and door frames welding…
Update 9 – Window and door frames installation…
Update 10 – Electrical cable installation mess…
Update 11 – Floor tile installation…
Update 12 – Painting work…

After more than 30 years on Jalan Arjuna (Double Six Street), in Seminyak, we will relocate our store and showroom to a more convenient location. Our planned move will allow us the opportunity to further grow our product range, and provide better all round customer service.

Our Bali store and showroom has been closed during this global pandemic to safeguard the health and safety of our staff, and customers. Although there are signs that the health restrictions are easing worldwide, our plans are to remain cautious, and to take gradual steps in returning our business to full operations. We are hopeful that within the next 6-8 months circumstances will allow us to do this, and during this wait, we feel it’s an opportune time to move forward with our planned business relocation strategy.

One thing this pandemic has shown us, is that our customers have really embraced online shopping, both retail shopping via our online shop (sorry guys, still only select products), and wholesale ordering via email. Once we have relocated to our new space, and all our staff are back at work full time, we hope to better serve this very fast growing area of our business by offering an even more seamless experience to shop our products via our website, for both our retail and wholesale customers.

For the needs of our more traditional customers that like to visit us in person, our planned new showroom space will be bigger and better, and will have many of our high quality handmade batik fabric resort wear products on display for you to see. We thank all our loyal customers for their support over these years, and we look forward to the time we are able to welcome everyone back in person to our new Bali store and showroom.

We will be posting updates on our blog, so please do stop by our website occasionally. If you have any questions about our move, please feel free to contact us at any time. You may also wish to be advised once we have relocated to our new business space by subscribing to our email newsletter, or by following us on social media; Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.

Our new location land plot.

December 2021

Senada Batik Bali We Are Moving Empty Land
Our plans are progressing to build the new Senada Bali Headquarters on our 300 square metre plot of land on a busy main road in the North Kerobokan area. Building permits are now in progress, and we hope to break ground by early January 2022. The location is central to all popular nearby areas, with easy access to Seminyak, Canggu, Kerobokan, Denpasar, etc. Stay tuned for further updates.

Building permit delays.

April 2022

What do you get when you mix Indonesian bureaucracy and supposed “expert consultants”? Delays. Delays. Delays. Unfortunately our building permits are taking a little longer than expected, and this meant that our planned ground breaking in January did not happen. We do hope that things will come together in the next few weeks, and building can commence as soon as possible.

Our building permit has been approved.

June 2022

Senada Batik Bali We Are Moving Land Preparation

Finally, our building permit has been approved. With the building permit process being changed in Indonesia, moving from what was previously called an IMB (Ijin Mendirikan Bangunan) to what they now call an PBG (Persetujuan Bangunan Gedung), it should have been a more streamlined, and faster process. Unfortunately our hopes of this were dashed, and what we thought would only take, at most, 4 weeks, ended up taking 6 months. We fell down the rabbit hole for a while there, but our patience finally paid off.

We have now started clearing and preparing the land for the building work to commence. It’s difficult to give an exact timeline for us to finish the build, but we are predicting 4-6 months. Stay tuned.

The building work has began.

July 2022

Senada Batik Bali We Are Moving Building Began

Our new showroom building work has began, with the rebar for the foundation and the first floor support columns in place ready for the concrete to be poured.

Second Floor Sunset View.

August 2022

Senada Batik Bali We Are Moving Sunset View

Climbing up to the second floor work area of our new showroom construction site, and capturing a stunning Bali sunset photo.

Second Floor Preparation.

September 2022

Senada Batik Bali We Are Moving Second Floor Preparation

The construction of our new showroom is moving along nicely. The first floor support columns have been complete, and the workers are now preparing the rebar for the second floor support beams and floor slab. The concrete pour for this next stage in the construction process is expected to be done in the following week.

First Floor Taking Shape.

November 2022

Senada Batik Bali We Are Moving First Floor Taking Shape

The first floor is now taking shape. All walls have been erected, and the cement plastering work is currently in progress.

Window and Door Frames Welding.

December 2022

Senada Batik Bali We Are Moving Window Door Frames Welding

We are progressing onto the finishing work stages of the project, which can be the most time consuming part of any building project. Our master welder can be seen here working on a section of the window and door frames for the new Senada Bali Showroom area.

It’s expected that we will be ready to open our new Senada Bali Showroom very soon. Although, for the first few months, until we clear all our scheduled wholesale orders, and we also restock items for our new showroom, and our online shop, we plan to open by appointment only. Once we have things more organised, we will then resume normal business operating hours.

Window and Door Frames Installation.

April 2023

Senada Batik Bali We Are Moving Window Door Frames Glass

We have had some unanticipated setbacks in the construction process, which has meant we had no other choice but to replace our main contractor. Making repairs, and in some cases completely redoing some of the construction work has delayed the good progress we were making in completing the Senada Bali Showroom section of the project.

We are very happy with our master welder and the fantastic job he has done with the metal window and door frames, which have already been installed, and are now having the glass put in place. Next up will be finishing the painting, the floor, electrical work, parking area, and other miscellaneous things that will then allow us to do the Senada Bali Showroom fit-out. Things are progressing, slowly but surely.

Electrical Cable Installation Mess.

October 2023

Senada Batik Bali We Are Moving Electrical Cable Mess

A birds nest mess of electrical cable that we recently had pulled because of incorrect installation and several serious safety issues. Finding skilled, professional construction workers is a real challenge in Bali, and it’s become even more difficult because of the massive boom in construction projects all around the island. We press on, and have learnt to accept that these types of problems often do happen with building projects here, and we just have to do our best to solve them as they happen.

Floor tile installation.

December 2023

Senada Batik Bali We Are Moving Floor Tile Installation

The floor tile installation work has been started for the main Senada Bali Showroom area. We are not rushing things, instead we are being very selective with what workers we hire, so as to ensure the work gets done correctly the first time.

Painting Work.

February 2024

Senada Batik Bali We Are Moving Painting Work

The main painting work has been started, the first “twilight” colour coat was a breeze using the airless paint sprayer. Tomorrow the workers will finish the second coat for a nice even colour application.

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  1. Poppy Aitken

    Hope my family and I can visit early next year, and we will stop by your new place.

    1. Senada Bali

      We look forward to your visit Poppy. We do hope we are fully open, and up and running by then.

  2. Sienna Hearn

    When will your new place be open? What area is it?

    1. Senada Bali

      Hello Sienna. We are still in the initial planning stages. We will be sure to update our blog post whenever we have more information to share.

  3. Milla Minchin

    Yours will be the very first store I visit when I get back to Bali. I need some new sarongs and kaftans in your wonderful batik fabrics.

    1. Senada Bali

      Thank you Milla, we hope you get the chance to visit us soon.

  4. Patricia Knight

    How exciting for you. My next planned visit to Bali I hope will be in April 2022, looking forward to visiting your new place then.

    1. Senada Bali

      Hi Patricia. See you in April 2022.

  5. Kolaitis Andreas Greece

    I hope all of you are healthy and safe in will visit your new place 10/22.

    1. Senada Bali

      Thank you. We hope you are healthy and safe too. We look forward to seeing you in 2022.

  6. Sienna Hearn

    My family and I plan to visit Bali for new years. See you then.

    1. Senada Bali

      That’s wonderful news Sienna. We will see you and your family then. Safe travels.

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