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Post pandemic Bali, how will the wonderful Island of Bali change?

We have had the pleasure of calling Bali our home for a long time now, and we have watched Bali grow, and change, throughout all these years. With the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) worldwide pandemic, it’s inevitable that this will effect a new era of big change in Bali’s future. One fact remains, Bali is a very special place, and even with all these challenges, it’s rich, diverse culture, and the warm, friendly character of all it’s people remain undeniably strong. Many are wondering, what will post pandemic Bali look like?

The mere mention of Bali suggests paradise, it is a land of stunning landscapes, volcanic mountains, winding rivers, waterfalls, rugged coastlines, black sand, and white sand beaches, coconut groves, picturesque villages that seem stuck in a time past, and of course, how can we not mention Bali’s world renowned iconic lush green rice fields. The wonderful Island of Bali is so much more than just a place though, it’s a state of mind, a mood, a feeling, where spirituality and creativity run deep. Even after you leave Bali, a piece of you remains behind, yearning for your return.

Bali is Indonesia’s top tourist travel destination, but due to the coronavisrus pandemic, worldwide travel bans, and local lockdown restrictions, it has resulted in a massive decline in visitor numbers to Bali. In stark contrast to a once bustling hive of activity, the streets of Bali have become very quiet, in some areas eerily deserted even, devoid of all people. It’s very strange, yet somehow peaceful. Nevertheless, we are all anxiously looking forward to the uncertainty of these times to pass, and we hope that life very soon returns to some semblance of normality.

A question being asked is, will Bali rethink tourism? A post pandemic Bali may inevitably be very different, and many are hoping that this is a chance for some positive change to happen. There is a growing concern amongst the Balinese people, and visitors alike, about environmental sustainability, and the preservation of the island’s culture, and natural beauty. A push for Bali to become less reliant on tourism, with a balanced, and more sustainable combined focus on eco tourism, agriculture, and manufacturing, would be a welcome outcome to all this.

We appreciate all facets on offer in Bali, and we feel there is still room for everything here. This is what the Island of Bali does so well, the coming together of people from all parts of the world, the mingling of different cultures, and ideas, no matter your interests, spiritual, creative, recreational, or business, there is always something for you to do in Bali. If a fair, and sustainable balance can be achieved between economical, cultural, and environmental interests, then an ever better post pandemic Bali may emerge after this crisis is over.

One thing that there is no doubt about, the amazing community of Bali will meet the challenges ahead, and moving forward into this unknown future, with their happy spirit, welcoming smiles, and ever present optimism, the people of Bali will respond in strength and resilience to this new era of unpredictable times.

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  1. Poppy Aitken

    Interesting and insightful read. I’m looking forward to when I can visit Bali again, and I think it would be nice if it were a little less crowded. Where is that main photo taken, it’s so beautiful.

    1. Senada Bali

      That main photo was taken in the village of Tibubiyu, Tabanan.

  2. Sienna Hearn

    That is a stunning photo. My family and I can’t wait to get back to Bali. Hope it doesn’t change too much, just maybe less traffic on the roads would be good.

    1. Senada Bali

      We hope this crisis passes, and that you and your family can visit Bali again soon.

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