Batik Sarongs

High Quality Handmade Batik Sarongs

Defined by quality of craftsmanship, our batik sarongs, beach pareos, are handmade by batik artisans, using traditional Indonesian art of batik textile making methods. Shop our beautiful handmade batik sarongs, Bali sarongs, island pareos, available to purchase in beautiful eye catching radiant colours, and interesting, unique motif designs.

For both men and women, our sarongs are a very versatile, multi-use fashion accessory, that can be worn in many ways, from a beach swimwear cover-up, to casual evening wear, scarf, wrap dress, or wrap pants, skirt, or tie top. Get your sarong on!

“Our batik sarongs are a multi-use fashion accessory”


High Quality Authentic Batik Sarongs

How hard is it to be authentic? Senada Batik Bali is well known for our superior quality, handmade, authentic batik fabric sarong, pareo creations. We produce handcrafted “tjap” (hand stamped) batik sarongs, in vibrant colours and original designs, handmade using traditional Indonesian wax resist art of batik making methods; hand stamped and hand dyed by batik making artisans.

Each of our handmade batik sarongs, Bali sarongs, beach pareos, is a unique one off piece of handcrafted batik fabric art, created individually by our skilled batik artisans. Recognised for their high standard of quality; we only use quality (ready for dye) fabrics, colour dyes, and waxes, to create our range of premium quality batik sarongs, pareos, beach wraps, swimwear cover-ups.

Multi Use Batik Sarongs

Sarongs are a multi-use product, and can be worn in many ways, from the beach, to casual evening wear. With so many wonderful colours and designs to choose from, our batik sarongs, beach pareos, are an essential wardrobe fashion accessory, and do make the perfect travel companion. Sarongs can also be used as a scarf or shawl, swimsuit cover-up, wrap dress, wrap pants, halter dress, beach skirt, tie top, lightweight towel, picnic blanket, table cloth, emergency travel bed sheet, and so much more.