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Handmade Batik

We make beautiful handcrafted batik fabric products.

Sarongs.  Clothing.  Scarves.  Sandals.  Bags.  Accessories.  Homewares.

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High quality batik fabrics

Senada Batik Bali is well known for its high quality batik sarongs, batik clothing, and other batik fabric products. We make beautiful batik fabrics from quality materials. Each creation of batik fabric is handmade by our own skilled batik craftsmen, using traditional Indonesian wax resist batik making methods; a skill handed down through the generations.

Our batik sarongs, batik clothing, batik scarves, batik sandals, batik accessories, batik homewares, and other batik fabric products, come in a range of fresh vibrant colours and original motif designs. With proper care, your Senada Batik Bali product will be enjoyed for many years.

“Senada Batik Bali fabrics are handcrafted works of art.”

// Senada Batik Bali Sarongs

High Quality Batik Sarongs

Awesome Batik Sarongs

Our beautiful handmade batik sarongs are awesome! In fact, our batik sarongs are our most popular selling product. Sarongs are a versatile, multi-use product, and can be a much loved part of your fashion collection. We carry a large selection of colours and designs; these handcrafted batik sarongs are truly works of art.

Senada Batik Bali sarongs are a high quality, handmade batik product.

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Batik Sarong Starter Pack

For customers placing their first wholesale batik sarong order at Senada Batik Bali, we offer a “sarong starter pack”. These starter packs consist of a beautiful selection of our handmade batik sarongs, chosen from the best selling sarongs of the season; it’s a great way to test your local market. Contact us for details.

Our sarong starter packs are available in 20, 50, or 100 sarongs.

Starter Pack

Wholesale orders welcome

Are you interested in placing a wholesale order with Senada Batik Bali? We receive wholesale orders for our handmade batik products; batik fabric, batik sarongs, batik clothing, batik scarves, and other batik fabric products. Eligible wholesale orders receive discounts of up to 50%.

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Senada Batik Bali has been producing high quality handmade batik sarongs, batik clothing, batik scarves, batik sandals, batik bags, batik accessories, batik homewares, and other batik fabric products for over 25 years. Customer satisfaction has allowed our client base to expand to all corners of the world.